There is no right time to travel


“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”    

~ Randy Komisar

No matter when we decide to travel in our lives, there will be some sort of sacrifice. It’ll either be ditching a fat bank balance when you are young in favour of an impromptu weekend getaway, carving out time with your family to make that holiday happen, or leaving behind job security to take the plunge into travelling full-time.

Some people will call it the travel bug, parents will chide you for having ‘wheels under your feet’, but only you know why you crave travel. It could be to just unwind, or to find the key that will unlock the transformation you have been looking for.

Yet, so often, you’ll hear your friend say, “Oh I’d love to come along, but right now…”.

There will NEVER be a right time to travel.


An impromptu sunrise in Kasauli.

You’ll find a thousand ways to say you can’t do it right now – you don’t have enough money, your boss won’t approve, you have nobody to accompany you, you are too busy.

These excuses will ensure you’ll never get to hit the road.

  1. Fear – Fear of losing your job, of travelling to an unknown place for the first time, of not having enough money to do the trip, of not being able to clear off your debts.
  2. Opinions – Parents, partner, bosses, relatives, the nosy neighbours, the society. Will they be envious? Will they think I have nothing better to do? Will they think why I am blowing all my money at an age when I need to settle down.
  3. Logistics – How will I travel? Won’t driving down be expensive? Wouldn’t travelling in a local bus be too shady? What if I get lost? What if I lose my things?



An unexpected sunset in McLeodganj.

Travelling the world won’t affect anyone else, but you. Think of why YOU want to do it. And if that doesn’t work, think of what would happen if you didn’t travel? When you are old and wrinkly and look back on the time you didn’t go, what would you tell your younger self?

You would probably say, go!

Because you won’t grow when you are all comfortable and have planned out every detail of your life. You’ll only grow in adversity. Nobody will show up at your doorstep to tell you the right time to go. Your parents will always worry, your bosses will always look down on you, your friends will always ditch you at the last moment, your relatives will always ask you to settle down first.


An unplanned walk in Kasauli.


Let the opinions mange themselves; all you need to focus on is your life, your travel plans (Also read: How I Plan My Travels), your happiness.

What are you waiting for?




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