Hello from the mountains! 

Welcome to The Mountain Girl’s tales. My name is Debarati Dasgupta and I write to travel and travel to write. In the pursuit of finding a cabin in the mountains, I have travelled extensively across India, including the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Meghalaya, among many others. I seek offbeat destinations, travel slow and prefer living with locals to soak in all the flavours of a place.


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My journey so far:

From wanting to be a doctor, to taking up literature in college; from learning the nuances of print journalism to working for an international news agency, before moving to a marketing agency – it has been a fitful journey for my lost soul.
What remained constant, however, was my love for mountains – whether it was the view of Mussoorie from my childhood terrace or weekend trips to the nearest hill stations as an adult. These beauties have given me perseverance, grit and humility to survive the steep, and sometimes, snaky journey. And it has always been worth the effort.
To give wings to my dreams of travelling full-time across mountains, I quit my job in 2017. Now I work as a content freelancer, supporting brands, mostly travel, in their content marketing efforts, handling their blogs, social media, newsletters and other marketing collateral, whilst traversing magnificent landscapes.
Come, join me on my virtual journey to the mountains, and sometimes, other places. 🙂
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If you are a travel company or a tourism board looking to collaborate with me, please check out my Contact page or drop me an email at debbie.dasgupta@gmail.com.